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What role does Fyaril play in B2B model ?

Fyaril allows you to manage everything in one place, from customer requirement to order fulfillment . With the platform that’s accessible and available to your audience/customers, Fyaril B2B ecommerce is a great chance to cross-sell and up-sell to existing buyers. With options for automated sales processes between businesses, suppliers and distributors, our ecommerce platform can help streamline your B2B operations and improve the customer experience.

Why is so much documentation required for KYC?

We have to follow compliances for export in India and abroad. Also we need to check all the details if its available with the vendor to ensure smooth flow for business.

Does Fyaril market products under Vendors Brand or it sells under the name of FYARIL?

We cater to all kind of product module like white label, private label, wholesale and branded products. So the brand name and packing all depends on the kind of product usually we do not change Vendor name or branding. Marketing and sale is done with Vendor name /brand. We do add our Merchandising along with it.

Once vendors take subscription plans how fast will they start receiving orders?

This depends on the plan the vendor has subscribed for as the activity is planned according to it. Though we don’t commit any time line for orders but it all depends on factors such as type of product , Targeted regions, demand for the product etc.

In case if the product is returned (internationally) who will bear the shipping cost?

Fyaril does not allow returns on B2B orders unless there is a manufacturing defect. Fyaril coordinates discussions between buyer and seller in case of an issue in delivery.

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