Image guidelines and best practices.

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Image Guidelines to be followed

Below are the image guidelines that needs to be followed while uploading / sharing images:

Image properties:

  • Resolution has to be 72 dpi, Minimum 1000 x 1000 pixels

  • Size has to be less than 1MB

  • Format has to be .jpg, .jpeg, .webp (.PNG format should not be used)

  • All image should show product in at least 80% of the area with product at the center.

  • Minimum number of images required is 4 and Maximum is 8.

  • Primary image name must be same as product code and the next images has to be named in next preceding order for eg: Primary image name Product name_code.jpg (ABCSHIRT.jpg) & secondary -image Product name_code 1.jpg (ABCSHIRT1.jpg).

  • You can store the images on Drop box, Google drive, one drive and share the link in excel file. Also you can store images on Fyaril server.

General guideline to be followed :

  • Images should not show any nudity or sexual depiction. For products such as lingerie, focus should be on product illustration and not on the model's body type.

  • Images showing / depicting violence are not allowed.

  • Except for the purpose of illustrating the product e.g. in toy gun, all other types should not use any kind of weapons.

  • All images should not contain packaging or containers unless it is necessary for the product description. E.g. packaging in case of fragile items could be useful information for the customer to make a buy decision.

  • Fyaril has strict policy against racism. Any images depicting racism will be rejected.

  • Unless required for product description religious contents , images should be avoided. Even product images for religious products should not promote, derogate or hurt religious sentiments. Politically biased images are not allowed on Fyaril platform.

  • Brand names, images, slogans are allowed only if they are trademarked and appropriate documentation has been provided to Fyaril for verification. Any brand infringement is not allowed. If you own trademark then documentation should be provided to Fyaril.

Photo shoot Guidelines:

  • Models of all types irrespective of cast, race, religion, political views. Fyaril encourages using models of all body types, races, religions and advises against using only a particular type. Sellers should be able to show authorization from all models used in the images including celebrities.

  • View has to be Front, back, side, top, 45 degrees as needed for the product type.

  • Use only appropriate accessories needed for the product illustration should be used. Main focus should always be on product or its use and not the accessory.

  • Lighting / Background should clearly show the product with light plain background. All images should have even lighting without any shadows or bright, dark spot.

  • If you have any additional queries don't hesitate to get in touch with us through

    My seller > Message Center, or you can email us on

Uploading Images to Fyaril vendor panel

  • To upload images to the Fyaril vendor panel, login to vendor panel with your login ID and password.

  • Once in the vendor panel, click on Administration > Files.

  • Once in files, go to Private Files > Exim. Here, right click anywhere on the file screen and create a new folder. Name this new folder 'backup'.

  • Click on the backup folder to open it. Create a new folder in the backup folder and name it 'Images'.

  • To upload images, go to image folder. Right click and click on upload files.

  • Select the images path and upload the images and these would be saved here.

  • If you have any additional queries don't hesitate to get in touch with us through

    My seller > Message Center, or you can email us on

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