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How can I promote my brand with Fyaril?
How can I promote my brand with Fyaril?
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How can I promote my brand with Fyaril?

Fyaril is a single, large scale, direct sales channel to reach the global customer base, and the opportunities of selling on Fyaril are limitless.

From Japan to the US and from Norway to New Zealand, you are free to search for buyers anywhere in the world and Fyaril will fulfil those orders. Fyaril has its own marketing channels which include web advertisements, social media promotions, print media, event attendance, sponsorships and in person campaigns.

We use target based ad personalization as our marketing strategy, alongside emails, SEO, and online ads. We use these methods to make your product easily visible to people based on their interests and search queries. From time to time, vendors have the opportunity to participate in the activities listed above through Fyaril. You can follow and share Fyaril's social media promotions through your social media handles.

For specific sales campaign or to sponsor an event, please reach out to

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