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Why sustainability is important for Fyaril?
Why sustainability is important for Fyaril?

Fyaril strives to make our world a better place. We encourage, incentivise and guide manufacturers and producers to contribute to UN SDGs.

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Why sustainability is important for Fyaril?

Consumers are concerned about the impact they create with every purchase. Consumers are emphasising on using plastic replacement materials, recycling of waste and preferring products with certified sustainable manufacturing processes - for example Oeko-Tex. Moreover, regulations across the world are demanding traceability, material and manufacturing certifications, child labor free manufacturers, products which are made from recycled material, as well as manufacturers who reuse, recycle and conserve natural resources.

The demand for products where the manufacturers create a positive impact on society and create a smaller environmental footprint is going to increase multifold in the coming months and years. If your products and/or manufacturing process is contributing to betterment of the world OR if you would like to join the effort to make a positive change then we recommend you to use our platform to buy or sell products.

At Fyaril, we take extra care to ensure that our products are ethically sourced, that we use sustainable packaging, and the material used is easily recycled. As a guideline for moving towards sustainability, Fyaril is developing sustainability metrics to measure environmental impacts which our vendors can also use.

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