Complete Seller KYC

For selling on Fyaril, all sellers must complete basic KYC (Know Your Customer) and receive Fyaril's verified badge.

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Uploading KYC Documents through Vendor Panel

  • To upload KYC documents through the vendor panel, login with your login ID and password through the Seller Partner dropdown menu.

  • Click on the 'My Seller' dropdown menu and make your way to the 'KYC & Certification' tab.

  • Here you can see different tabs for different kinds of certifications. Click on the tab of which you wish to apply for the respective badge. In order to receive the badge, you will need to upload a series of documents.

  • Click on the 'Choose File' button to upload a file from your desktop. Once you have uploaded all the necessary documents click on save.

NOTE: All vendors must complete the Verified KYC. By default for all vendors, order fulfilment is done by Fyaril.

NOTE: Incomplete KYC, will result in delay in order processing and potentially cancellation of orders.

NOTE: Completing the 'Exporter' tab is mandatory if the order fulfilment is done by the vendor. This can be done by uploading all the documents from Exporter tab.

  • If you have any additional queries don't hesitate to get in touch with us through

    My seller > Message Center, or you can email us on

  • You can find more information about KYC Types and purpose for each badge on our website.

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