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Packaging/Labelling Guidelines
Packaging/Labelling Guidelines
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Packaging Guidelines

Package Completely

  • All items included in the package must be covered completely in the packaging (box/bag/envelope etc). No part of the product must be outside of the packaging.

  • At least one surface of the packaging must be, at least, 11x16cm.

Paper Dunnage vs Bubble Wrap

  • For packages that are non-fragile, package with paper dunnage within the packaging.

  • For packages that are more fragile, use bubble wrap within the packaging.

No POD Jackets

  • No part of the packaging can use packaging that contains any kind of plastic pouches or packets, whether they are secured or not.

Plastic ziplock bags

  • Plastic ziplocks may be used for packaging, however they should be compliant under law. This means that the plastic bags must:

    • Be recyclable

    • Be thicker than 50 microns.

    • Contain information about the manufacturer, thickness, and type of plastic.

Labelling Guidelines

Sticky Labels

  • Use sticky label sheets. These come in A4 size, split into four. This means you can print four labels on each sticky label sheet and peel them off individually, to be put on the packages.

  • Use good quality labels. The labels used should not peel, fade, or come off easily, or be damaged beforehand.

Label Size

  • The size of each label should be 4x6 inches. There should be no unnecessary white space left on a paper.

Label Placement

  • The label should be placed on the largest flat surface of the package.

  • The label should not be folded over two surfaces. If there is no surface large enough to accommodate the label, then alter the packaging following the packaging guidelines.

  • The QR code of the label should be clearly visible. This also entails that there should be no adhesives obstructing the view of the QR code, or any other aspect of the label.

Invoice Placement

  • An invoice is different from a label. The invoice should be placed on the inside of the package.

  • For additional information see invoicing.

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