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There are two ways customer orders for your products are fulfilled:

    • If the vendor opts for using their own fulfilment channel, then the vendor is completely responsible for the fulfilment of the order.

    • If the vendor opts for using fulfilment by Fyaril, Fyaril will take care of the order fulfilment. Fyaril offers customers multiple shipping choices to get their products delivered at their desired speed and cost. Customers will make this choice for the shipping method at checkout.

    • These are the shipping options which will be presented to the customer at checkout:

      • Fulfilment by Fyaril - Fulfilment method managed by Fyaril. Typically, this fulfilment type uses combination of carriers used to optimise cost and speed of delivery.

      • Carrier specific shipping options (e.g DHL, Indian Post) - Fyaril has agreement with number of shipping carriers to offer discounted rate to its customers. At the checkout, customer can chose a shipping carrier.

Order Fulfilment (Vendor)

If you choose to fulfil orders yourself as a vendor, follow these steps below. This is only for vendors with an Exporter badge and ones that have opted to fulfill orders themselves.

  • Click on the # order that you wish to fulfill.

  • The vendor administrator can fill in the shipping details on the right side of the order screen.

  • Check the shipping details and select the appropriate courier partner for dispatching the product. If your courier partner is not mentioned in the list kindly contact us to add your preferred carrier to the list.

  • Click on 'Create Detailed Shipment'. Fill in all the shipping details and save.

  • If you have any additional queries don't hesitate to get in touch with us through

    My seller > Message Center, or you can email us on

Order Fulfilment (Fyaril)

If you choose to have Fyaril fulfill your order, follow the steps below. This is the default setting for all vendors.

Packaging: The parcel should be packed to the minimum possible size in order to keep the volumetric weight as low as possible. Please follow the Fyaril Packaging Guidelines.

Shiprocket: For all orders shipped using Shiprocket, a pickup point needs to be created. This is a one time process and will be completed before processing your first order through Shiprocket. Please get in touch with a Fyaril customer support executive if a pickup point is not created and verified for your warehouse.

  • To ship with Shiprocket, Printed copies of following documents should be handed over to the courier separately.

    • Export invoice

    • Shipping label(s)

    • Manifest

    • Packing label

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