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Order Processing, Packaging and shipping
Order Processing, Packaging and shipping
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Receive Order:

When a customer places an order, the vendor admin will receive an email containing: “Order #<ORDER NUMBER> has been processed”.

  • Before processing the order, KYC Must be completed and seller profile must be updated (How to update seller profile): Ensure that you have completed the one time process to update your Seller profile and KYC if not completed. If this step is completed, then go directly to Process Order.

Process order:

  • Go to Orders > View orders

  • Click on the order to see order details. The order details shown are as per the price and taxes applicable in customer’s country. Please note the order currency in which the order was placed, which may differ from the vendor currency.

  • Assign a Manager who is responsible to process the orders. Note that you can add multiple administrators / Managers for one order.

Ship your order :

  • Vendor administrator can fill the shipping details only when order is fulfilled by the vendor (Vendors with Exporter badge). For orders fulfilled by the marketplace, please skip this step.

  • Check the shipping details and select the appropriate courier partner for dispatching the product. If your courier partner is not mentioned in the list kindly contact us to add your preferred carrier to the list.

  • Packaging: Parcel should be packed to the min possible size in order to keep the volumetric weight low. Please follow Fyaril’s packaging guidelines.

  • Contents of the parcel: Ensure that the following is included in the parcel.

    • Product(s) as per the order

    • Customer invoice (see printing instructions below)

  • Documents: These documents vary depending on the shipment and carrier. Set of these documents need to be handed over to the courier pickup person. List typically includes:

    • Export invoice

    • Shipping label(s)

    • Manifest

    • Packing label

  • Invoicing to Fyaril India: This is applicable for vendors who do not have “Exporter” badge. If you have Exporter badge then skip this section.

  • Invoice: Print Vendor to Fyaril India invoice Before downloading invoice (India Vendor to Fyaril India) ensure that:

    • Updating GST: Product is updated with correct GST % (Click on product then go to Add ons / Product taxes) ensure that correct values are added for CGST/SGST/IGST.

    • “Apply global setting” - As Fyaril is a registered exporter, all of Fyaril’s vendor’s are eligible to sell products to Fyaril India at a concessional GST rate of 0.1%. If this is applicable to you as a vendor then mark this box. Save the changes.

    • Download Vendor to Fyaril India invoice:

  • If the order is to be shipped directly to the customer change the currency as per customers location and print invoice and packing list accordingly.

  • If the order is to be sent to Fyaril warehouse then print India vendor to Fyaril Indian invoice.

    • Download 'Vendor to Fyaril India' invoice:

      • Go back to orders. To download the invoice click on the order row. Then, click on Print Documents > Invoice.

  • Once the order is delivered you can opt for payment withdrawal.

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